APRIL 2016


Spring BloomAll winters seem long and hard.  So we all rejoice in the signs of spring.  Along with this wonderful change of seasons, many of us also experience annoying ALLERGIES.  If you are tired of the traditional options for these annoying symptoms, you may want to try something new.  READ MORE…




With the warm weather we are all anxious to get outside and have fun.  It feels so good to be out in the fresh air.  We almost even enjoy yard work.  It is also very easy to over do it and end up with stiff achy muscles.  Here is one place that essential oils shine.  Try a Castor Oil blend or an Arnica Oil to help ease into summer.  READ MORE..



For those of you ambitious folks that plant a beautiful garden each year, I highly recommend adding some fresh herbs.  Not only are they are amazing to use fresh in your cooking, but you also can enjoy them every time you step foot into your garden.  Every time you brush up against them you will benefit from their amazing aromas.  Rosemary is especially fragrant and has a long tradition of saying ‘Welcome’.  MORE INFO…


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