How to Use an INHALER


ADULTS: Unscrew cap. Place inhaler beneath nostril and inhale deeply. Repeat beneath second nostril. If you prefer a more intense dose you may gently press one nostril closed while inhaling thru second nostril. Return cap as soon as you are done inhaling. Repeat as needed throughout the day. We do not recommend sharing inhalers.IMG_3812 copy

CHILDREN: With gentle essential oils, unscrew cap and wave inhaler under nostrils. Instruct child to gently inhale vapors. Return cap as soon as they are done inhaling. Repeat as needed throughout the day. This is also an option for use when in public if you prefer a more elegant process.

STORAGE: Keep inhaler closed in-between uses. Also, don’t leave them in a hot environment such as a car or in direct sunlight. Inhalers will last 3-6 months depending upon use and storage.

What is an Aromatherapy Inhaler?

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