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A cough during a cold serves a purpose.  It helps remove mucous from the lungs.  Occasionally we will have a cough that persists long after the cold is gone.  When the lungs become irritated essential oils can be comforting.

  • SALVE 
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This blend contains essential oils that are calming for the lungs:

  • Cypress – is well known for its ability to alleviate spasmodic coughs
  • Frankincense – has an anti-inflammatory action that may soothe irritated lungs, even mild episodes of asthma
  • Lavender – calms the body, mind and spirit

At the first sign of coughing, inhale aroma from vial or apply cough salve to chest.  Repeat as needed for comfort.

  • SALVE – 2.0 oz SALVE in amber PET jar with screw top – castor oil*, olive oil*, beeswax, cypress*, bergamot*, frankincense*, and lavender* , vitamin e – * organic
  • INHALER – one amber glass vial with cotton swab* saturated with essential oils – cypress*, bergamot*, frankincense*, lavender* – *organic



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Amazing! I love this stuff, it’s transcendent! Also small enough to carry between work and home, which I appreciate. Thank you so much!”

Silver G., Nalwottoge, MA

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