h e a r t s c e n t





Shea Butter has been used for centuries in Africa to protect and condition skin and hair which have been damaged by the sun.  It is an intense moisturizer with healing properties Shea butter is naturally rich in Vitamins A, E, and F which help soothe, hydrate, and balance.

SHEA BUTTER BALM is an intense moisturizer for dry skin or hair.  A little goes a very long way.

B A S I C S:

Because we only use UNREFINED Shea butter, you may find small beads of Shea butter, this is normal.  These emollient beads will melt as soon as you warm the butter on your fingertips.

BODY: Rub balm well into hands, feet, elbows or any area that needs a little extra attention.

HAIR: Rub a very small amount onto your fingers and apply to the tips of your hair for dry damaged hair.

jojoba*, sweet almond oil*, shea butter*, beeswax, vitamin e and essential oils* – *organic



h e a r t s c e n t




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