Strawberries in bowlA number of herbs and essential oils aid digestion.  These all natural options may be worth a try.

Colic can be a very stressful time for mommy and baby.  Roman chamomile essential oil is a very gentle anti-spasmodic that helps to reduce muscle spasms and digestive pain.  This beautiful oil has a very relaxing aroma.


INGREDIENTS: love, organic jojoba, organic roman chamomile essential oil

1 ounce (30 ml) in a white HDPE bottle with snap cap  

Price: $26.00

The ANTI-D blend was developed to help with occasional diarrhea or sudden diarrhea (including traveler’s diarrhea). These essential oils may help with pain and cramping.


1.0 ounce (28ml) gel in white HDPE bottle  with snap cap  

Price: $19.00

D-GEST Gel contains a number of essential oils that may aid healthy digestion, including:

  • German Chamomile, Sweet Marjoram and Bergamot – have anti-spasmodic qualities that may reduce cramping.  In general they aid the digestion process
  • Lavender has a general calming affect
  • If loose stools are an issue you may want to consider the ANTI-D blend

It may be helpful for occasional cramping, constipation or gas after eating.  READ MORE

1.0 oz white HDPE bottle  w/snap cap 

Price: $23.00

A number of essential oils aid digestion: 

Inhale these delightful essential oils or add a couple drops to an unscented location and gently massage the abdomen.

If loose stools are also a concern, check out ANTI-D Gel.  Try Aromatherapy for Natural Living essential oil course to learn how to use essential oils for your family.

MOTION is helpful in reducing the queasiness and nausea associated with occasional morning sickness, chemotherapy, motion sickness, migraine headache, and vertigo (dizziness).

Inhale the aroma and apply to wrists, neck and/or abdomen.  It is most effective to use when queasiness is first noticed.  Repeat as needed.  READ MORE

  • GEL  
    Price: $21.00
    Price: $23.00
  • ROLLER  
    Price: $22.00

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