Oil Cleaning Method

For years we have been instructed by the professionals to remove the natural oils from our skin, especially if we have oily or acne prone skin.

There is a new line of thinking that is very intuitive and effective for many people.

This simple oil blend is nourishing and gentle for oily and acne prone skin.   If you have been using soap based cleansers, it may take your skin a few days or few weeks to get used to this new process.  But once your skin adjusts, it will be healthy and radiant.


castor oil*, sunflower oil*, evening primrose oil*, vitamin e, essential oils*: lavender*, geranium*– * organic


  • 2.0 ounce (58 ml) oil in an amber plastic bottle with flip top
    Price: $22.00
  • 4.0 ounce (116 ml) oil in amber plastic bottle with flip top
    Price: $36.00

OIL 750 sqChemistry tells us that like dissolves like.  This means that water dissolves water and oil dissolves oil.  And we all know that the two do not mix very well.  This is one of the reasons that cleaning your face with oil will actually leave it cleaner than if you use soap and water.  The other theory with regard to this process is that our body will keep making oil as long as we keep striping the oil from your skin with harsh soaps and chemicals.

The oil cleaning method dissolves and wipes away the dirty oil from your face and replaces it with clean, healthy oil.  It does not strip oil from your skin, so your skin does not think it has to make more.  There are no harsh chemicals involved.

girl-2GENTLY MASSAGE IT IN:  Pump a quarter-sized amount into your palm, rub your hands together, and slowly massage your skin with your fingertips. Don’t splash your face with water first — apply it dry. Work the oil into your skin for about a minute, and enjoy the peaceful massage at work. Don’t scrub  – gently massage.

STEAM YOUR FACE: Next, wet a washcloth with hot water (but not scalding!), and put it over your face until it’s about room temperature.  This is steaming out your pores, removing the impurities and the dead skin cells. It’ll take about a minute — enjoy the nearly-free facial.

WIPE OFF THE OIL:  Take the washcloth, rinse and wring it, then gently wipe off the oil. Your skin will probably feel softer immediately.

Lavender 750 sqOur daily routine of cleaning and bathing is a lovely opportunity to find balance, to center ourselves.  The next time you clean your face, turn the lights down a bit, take a deep breathe and BE in the moment.

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