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Vital energy is the primary energy that animates us all.  When we are full of vital energy we are robust and participating fully in life.  When vital energy is low,  we have less ‘life’ and may suffer from more health issues.

Our energy level is determined by two main things, our constitution and our environment.  Our constitution is what we are born with, while our environment includes all of our lifestyle choices; diet, exercise, stress levels etc.

We don’t have a lot of choice about the constitution we were born with, but we can do a lot with our environment.  Clean food and water top the list.  Moderate regular exercise goes a long way.  Spiritual practices and our social networks also impact our vital force.

Here are a few suggestions that may be beneficial in managing your precious energy.

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Wellness is a complex, yet simple concept.  We each perceive our own level of wellness.  If we are able to participate in life to the level we desire, our level of wellness is optimum.  If we are not participating fully, we need to listen to our bodies and emotions as they will guide us in the right direction to find wellness and the joy that follows.

DIET is a very important aspect .  We are what we eat, as they say.  Here are a few simple guidelines:

  • Break – the – fast. Eat breakfast daily.  Avoid a high carbohydrate breakfast for a little more healthy protein and fat.
  • Keep coffee consumption reasonable.  While a little may get us going, overdoing it can leave us vulnerable to fluctuation blood glucose levels and fatigue.
  • Eat smaller meals.  Include healthy snacks.
  • Avoid sugar.  This is the number one factor in those energy ups and downs we experience through out the day.  Eat whole fruit versus fruit juice for that little sweetness you desire during the day.
  • And consult a Nutritionist or Naturopath in your area for any specific needs or concerns you may have.

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Every time we face a real or imagined threat our adrenal glands kick into action.  In this modern rat race, it happens daily for many of us.

Some of us never stop reacting to this chronic level of stress.  When this happens the adrenal glands become tired, exhausted.

It is important that we take steps to reduce stress where we can.  Here are a few examples of things we can do to support the adrenal glands and general wellness.


     Adrenal Support

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Fatigue is one of the most common health complaints today.

We forget that our bodies are amazing.  They are always trying to bring us back into balance.  All we need to do is be still and listen.

Click here FOR MORE INFORMATION regarding a suggested protocol to support you while working with your healthcare provider.

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The FOCUS blend was formulated to increase concentration and improve memory.  This stimulating blend will help you stay on task.

FOCUS contains:

  • eucalyptus – provides a cooling and refreshing effect, it is stimulating, removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness and rejuvenates the spirits
  • rosemary – is an excellent brain and nerve tonic. It is often used by students during exam times as it stimulates mental activity and is a good remedy for depression, mental fatigue and forgetfulness.
  • tangerine – along with other citrus oils has an uplifting effect on the mood
  • black pepper –  is stimulating and enhances alertness and stamina

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Relaxation and stress reduction are important factors in managing our energy.  Essential oils have been used for thousands of years.  Many of the oils have a calming effect on body, mind and spirit.  These all natural options are definitely worth a try.


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Even if we are not experiencing jet lag, we can all relate to that wound up exhausted feeling after a hectic week.  Feeling overtired but finding it difficult to wind down sensation.  That kind of wound up exhaustion that you sometimes see children display right before they crash.

The oils in the TRAVEL blend may help to counteract that feeling (jet lag). It contains:


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