Chronic Fatigue Support

Fatigue is one of the most common health complaints today.  Here is a suggested protocol to support you while working with your healthcare provider.

Our energy level is determined by two main things, our constitution and our environment.  Our constitution is what we are born with, while our environment includes all of our lifestyle choices; diet, exercise, stress levels etc.  The lack of stillness in our life throws us off balance.  For more about VITAL ENERGY


  •  ART – Aggressive Rest Therapy.  This is easier said than done.Spring Bloom  One of the simplest things we could do is take a one month vacation.  During this trip we would sleep from 8pm – 6am, without an alarm, read books, play cards, nap and spend time in nature.  Even though this is simple, it is not easy for most of us.  In the meantime, it is important to be mindful of how and when we use our energy.  Be present in our body and pay attention to our energy.  Make sure to save some for healing.
  • ADRENAL SUPPORT – CFS can be very taxing on our adrenal gland.  This simple formula is very different than a sugar or caffeine lift.  It yields a calm energy.  It can reduce anxiety and provide a gentle lift. Follow the suggested protocol.
  • RELIEF Body Oil – Apply this oil in the morning after your shower, while your skin is still damp.  Lavender and Peppermint essential oils provide a gentle lift and some pain relief for the minor aches and pains that may be associated with CFS.

It is extremely important to ensure quality sleep.  This is important everyday in this stressful world, but especially important when our body is working hard to return to balance.  The following blends may be beneficial to ease tension and ease into sleep.  Choose the formula(s) that appeal to you most.  It is beneficial to rotate between two formulas.  Our body adjusts to anything over time, rotating between two helps with long term use for quality sleep.  Apply the Sleep 2salve or oil to the bottom of the feet at bedtime.  You can apply to your wrist and neck.  It is beneficial to cup your hands around your nose and inhale the aroma.

  • S L E E P Blend – a lovely blend that may help you ease into sleep naturally with several essential oils
  • R L S Formula – Even though this was formulated for Restless Leg Syndrome, it contains a number of oils (vetiver, lavender, marjoram) that are extremely helpful for quality sleep.
  • C A L M Formula – Also contains vetiver.  This grass is known as “the oil of tranquility’ and is very relaxing.
  • LAVENDER – is also very effective for most people

We still do not know the cause of CFS.  Many continue to suspect that various viruses may play a role.  At the very least, a body dealing with CFS has a reduced capacity to protect itself from bacteria and viruses.

There are a number of essential oils that have anti-microbial properties, Such as:

I-MUNE inhaler blend has been very effective in preventing respiratory infections.  Simply inhale 2-3 times daily or more frequently as needed.

Owl 1K SQOur bodies are amazing.  They are always trying to bring us back into balance.  All we need to do is be still and listen.

  • “Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.”  – Shakti Gawain
  • “Preventing diseases rather than curing them makes more sense – Doctors of the future will be clinicians, dieticians and personal trainers rolled into one!” – Deepak Hiwale
  • Each of us has an intuitive awareness about what is best for our body.  It is important that we listen to that voice.  “Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.” – Norman Cousins, Anatomy Of An Illness
  • And sometimes we heal, despite modern medicine“Though the doctors treated him, let his blood, and gave him medications to drink, he nevertheless recovered.” – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

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