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“My friend, who I bought this for, says it’s helping a lot.”

Jaymie K –  Dec 15, 2020

Cancer Self Care Tin –

“The BEST cancer kit – everything in it is useful and with a purpose! Arrived fast, with great instructions, and provided relief with first use. ‘Relax’ is the current winner, but as treatment ramps up, no doubt the rest of the items with fight for the favorite spot. Vendor is super quick to respond with any questions – again, best cancer kit!”
ETSY customer Nov 2, 2020


“I purchased this for my dad for his nausea he said it works great!!”

Donna H – Nov 27, 2020



Nerve Support Oil or  Gel

“When I was in MN I used both on my mom within about 1 hour of each other and it really helped. Her care givers are using it everyday to try and keep the awful pain at bay and it is really working.  Thank you so much.”

Joan T. – Naperville, IL


Spicy Hot Salve

“Love the spicy hot salve!! At a certain age, aches and pains are inevitable.. a little salve on my lower back in the morning, and I am good to go! really amazing stuff!  Thank you”

Linda S., Phoenix, AZ


Calendula Salve – 

“This is the best place to buy anything natural. The owner is so friendly and helpful. Thank you for such a great experience.”

Valerie I – Kittyhawk NC



BOO BOO Sticks – 

“We love these boo sticks for bug bites, scratches, dry skin, and it’s the only thing we have found that helps keep my carpenter husband’s fingers from cracking in the winter time.”

Heidi M – May 1, 2020

CHARKA  Oil Collection – 

“I spent a lot of time seeking an organic essential oil blend for chakras. I am so happy with this product from HeartScent! The oils feel smooth when applied and smell great, just the right amount of fragrance for me. They make me feel instantly balanced, and the scent lingers helping to remind me of the chakra/intention all day. I also loved my Focus surprise gift, its perfect for working from home. Thank you HeartScent!”

ETSY customer – Jul 10, 2020


“Excellent quality and craftsmanship. If you’re looking for high quality chakra oils look no further. I’m very happy.”

Cara C –  Jul 21, 2020

“Just received my order today. It was exactly what I was looking for! You can tell the products are made with love and heartfelt intention. ?”

ETSY customer –  Sep 14, 2020