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This product line was developed to provide the most possible healing benefits for the skin. The simple combination of frankincense and lavender provide a flawless complexion, soothe irritation, and aid in scar care.


h e a r t s c e n t



This creme was developed by a chemist | certified aromatherapist as the only product not considered waterless.  That means a lot of care and thought went into the development of this formula so that it would not need an anti-microbial preservative.  So many of us are sensitive to these compounds.  In this product numerous precautions were taken to keep this as pure as possible.  See for yourself:

  • FRANKINCENSE – protects the skin and reduces inflammation
  • LAVENDER – (linalool) – calming for the skin and the mood
  • LEMON – clean, fresh aroma and helps absorption of other essential oils

jojoba*, coconut oil*, aloe vera gel*, beeswax, purified mineral water infused with oats*, frankincense*, lavender*, lemon*, glycerin, vitamin c, vitamin e – *organic

Apply a very small amount of creme onto the skin.  Blend and give it a couple minutes to absorb deeply into the skin.  Re-apply as needed.  Excellent for dry winter skin or anytime you need deep hydration.

2.0 ounce (59g) Salve in amber PP jar with screw top lid 

Price: $28.00


h e a r t s c e n t



This item is one of my favorite. It was a ‘happy accident”. I loved the aroma of the fresh creme so much that I decided to make a body oil. What I discovered is that the combination of frankincense and lavender not only help the skin, but they are great for tightness and tension. This oil can moisturize and heal the skin over the entire body AND it is a wonderful massage oil:

  • massage a small amount into sore, tense muscles, especially the neck,
  • apply a small amount to the forehead and temples for a tension or sinus headache
  • apply to the chest when dealing with minor congestion, both lavender and frankincense are anti-inflammatory and have a decongestant benefit
  • the aroma is also very soothing and relaxing
  • this blend is especially beneficial at night when you need help with tension before bed when you don’t want to use stimulating oils
  • a little goes a very long way with this oil, when applying to moisturize, apply to clean damp skin after a shower or add a bit of water to one hand and a dime size squirt of oil to the other hand, combine and apply over entire body.

almond oil*, coconut oil*, frankincense*, lavender*, lemon*, non-gmo vitamin e – *organic

Price: $39.00



h e a r t s c e n t



Check out our WRIGHT CHOICE Lip Balm – It keeps your lips soft, supple and healthy  

almond oil, beeswax, coconut oil*, frankincense*, lavender*, lemon*, vitamin e – *organic

Price: $5.00


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