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When someone has cancer and you don’t know where to begin. This heartfelt cancer support tin is filled with love and provides comfort during the difficult treatment process.  Add your gift message for a loved one in the notes at checkout and we’ll make sure to include your message and package your gift with love.  

Price: $39.00

This little tin packs a punch when it comes to the side effects of cancer treatment and provides comforting aromas for difficult moments.  It contains:

THREE INHALERS: simply open and inhale as needed for comfort.

    • for fatigue and increased focus helps combat mental sluggishness and rejuvenates the spirits
    • cotton* pad saturated with: eucalyptus*, rosemary*, black pepper*,  tangerine*, spearmint* – *organic
    • for rest + relaxation + stress relief utilize the power of aromatherapy to ease tension, reduce stress and ease into sleep
    • cotton* pad saturated with:  sweet orange*, ylang ylang*, sweet marjoram* – *organic
    • settles down queasiness and nausea associated with chemotherapy and surgery
    • cotton* pad saturated with: spearmint*, peppermint*, ginger*, sweet orange* – *organic

ONE HERBAL OIL: open carefully as this is a liquid, apply a small amount to irritated skin

    • comforting skin oil. Helpful for the many minor skin irritations connected with cancer treatments. Calendula cools and comforts irritated skin, lavender calms the skin and the senses
    • calendula* (calendula officinalis)* infused olive oil*, lavender*, vitamin e – *organic

The inside of the tin has a positive affirmation every time you open the top – “I am healed, whole and healthy.“.  A nice little reminder when we feel overwhelmed by the process of dealing with cancer.


h e a r t s c e n t


“Sandy, I am loving my cancer pack. The scents are awesome and so appropriate for how I feel. You are so thoughtful and brilliant with your healing products. Grateful, grateful”

Mary 2020


“I gave this as a gift, and the person I gave it to LOVED it! In her words, “It gave me chills!”

Bryleigh 2020


The BEST cancer kit – everything in it is useful and with a purpose! Arrived fast, with great instructions, and provided relief with first use. ‘Relax’ is the current winner, but as treatment ramps up, no doubt the rest of the items will fight for the favorite

Etsy customer 2020

h e a r t s c e n t


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