How do I use Chakra Oils?

h e a r t s c e n t





CHAKRA OILS are no different than any other essential oil blends.  We benefit from inhaling the pleasant aroma AND by applying to our skin. The ideal time to use the blend is during meditation or while practicing yoga.  It can also be used during stressful moments to regain balance .

Select the desired chakra oil based upon the chart below or let your intuition select the perfect oil for you today.  Close your eyes and select a blend.


Open the container and inhale.  Or apply a small amount to your hands and cup them around your nose and inhale.  Be present and enjoy the wonderful aroma, focus on positive thoughts and intentions aimed towards balancing the Chakra.  Repeat as desired.


There are a also a number of ways to apply to the skin.  Some people choose to apply to pulse points (wrist, neck behind ears) and/or the Chakra location as indicated on the individual Chakra information pages links below.  Once you have applied the blend, focus upon positive thoughts and intentions aimed towards balancing the Chakra.  Repeat as desired.




Desired State

FIRST fearful, obsessive compulsive, stressed, financial concerns abundance, strength, stability, grounded
SECOND jealousy, desire, anger, addictions creativity, sensuality, grace
THIRD uncertainty, anxiety, controlling, lack of faith in self, over confidence confidence, balanced self esteem
FOURTH sadness, fear, depression, grief compassion, self love, peace
FIFTH unable to express self, dishonesty, critical speaking and hearing truth
SIXTH lost, pessimistic, stressed clarity, awareness, intuition
SEVENTH anxiety, insomnia, depression, fatigue wisdom, certainty

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