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Ariel Barkeim, ND

“I love HEARTSCENT products and so do my patients! I use many of Sandy’s products to help support my patients with a variety of conditions from pain, immune system support, to improving digestion, and more. I love that I can trust that these products are quality made by someone who really cares about her products and the people that use them. “

Ariel Barkeim, ND (Naturopathic Physician)  Rooted Family Medicine, LLC

Andrea Butje – LMT, Clinical Aromatherapist

“It’s such a pleasure to support the incredible Aromatherapy work by Sandy Beatty of Heartscent Aromatherapy. I am so proud to have her as a graduate of Aromahead Institute. She has completed extensive training including an advanced graduate course, and has vast knowledge of essential oils and plant medicine.

As the name of her company suggests, all her offerings are heart-centered. They spring from her love of plants and community, with a solid background as a chemist.

Sandy offers helpful information on well-being with wonderful products to support health. Her skin care and children’s care products are beautiful, too!

Sandy’s work extends to energetic and spiritual blends, stemming from her deep understanding of Yoga practices. Her products for balancing the Chakra are not to be missed!”

Andrea Butje – LMT, Clinical Aromatherapist

Co-Founder Aromahead Institute (School of Essential Oil Studies)







 Linda M. Ferguson, RN, CMT

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend Sandy Beatty on her “HEARTSCENT” wellness and beauty products.

I have used many of her products and have had her customize items for my personal use as well as my Massage Therapy business.

I appreciate her vast knowledge and experience as a scientist, as well as her dedication to provide the highest quality products available.

Personal integrity is evident in the purity of the products she offers. The research that goes into each and every blend of oils, salves, and skin care items assures that customer safety and satisfaction are of the highest priority for her. The packaging of the products is stunning and on a par with any “high end” product line.

Best of all, these products work and offer an alternative to chemical laden creams and lotions that are available everywhere one looks. I would not hesitate to endorse any of the items Sandy has created intuitively and with love. “

 Linda M. Ferguson, RN, CMT


“My face has been breaking out with all the fast food and not properly taking care of it on the road. Before I left I was sent a beautiful package from HEARTSCENT Aromatherapy and I have started using it on the road.   I don’t use facial cleansers because my face hasn’t found the one it likes yet. I had a bad breakout on my chin and cheeks from sunscreen. Only two uses of just this cleanser and my breakout disappeared and I didn’t have any marks to show that I had a breakout. The products are really easy to use and I have been able to have a skincare routine whilst traveling.

All the products have natural and simple ingredients, ones you can pronounce, and they are designed for you. The packaging is also amazing.”  

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