The Ritual of Clean Skin



h e a r t s c e n t






Our lives are filled with hustle and bustle. Hurry, hurry, hurry.. Sometimes we are not even aware of this fast pace until we slow down. Our daily routine of cleaning and bathing is a lovely opportunity to find balance, to center ourselves.

The bathroom is already naturally conducive to relaxation. In most cases it is already minimal in nature, if not, take a few minutes during the day to organize and reduce clutter in this special room.  Things not only clutter our home, they clutter our mind and spirit. Starting with the bathroom is a wonderful way to bring minimalism into the home and into your soul. “Imagine living in space that only contains things that spark joy.” – Marie Kondo

The next time you bathe or just clean your face, try something new.

If possible close the bathroom door before you start.  I know that isn’t always possible, but when we offer ourselves private, quiet space we automatically start to relax and go inward.

Try turning the lights down a bit or off completely if possible to create a gentle mood. Perhaps you have a candle that you can light for ambiance and as part of the cleansing ritual. During this time we are cleaning our body, mind and spirit so an unscented candle or one that only contains essential oils is recommenced. No perfumes or artificial aromas in this sacred space during this sacred time. If you would like an aroma that actually facilitates mindfulness, drop a few drops of your favorite relaxing essential oil onto a tissue.

Running water has a very soothing quality that we all respond to naturally. The sound, the feel of this moving, nourishing element is hypnotizing. Use it to your advantage. Take a few deep breaths, be mindful and hear the sound of the water. Feel the water moving over your hands and face. Notice the temperature and how it makes you feel, inside and out. If you like, you can enhance this naturally occurring element and add the sound of water or other nature sounds that you like while you bathe.

There are two basic principles for healthy, beautiful skin; what we put IN our body, & what we put ON our body. Therefore, we only want to use natural, gentle cleaning products to capture your senses and take you to a place of peace and balance.  Today there is not excuse to use chemically laden products when so many wonderful options are available. Find your favorite. Make it part of this lovely, private ritual.

Now, take a couple of deep breathes before you begin and enjoy this daily ritual, “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.” – Eckhart Tolle


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