Make like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” – Rumi

Fall is a good reminder to let go of that which no longer serves me.  Whether it is stuff, or thoughts, or friendships.

So often we think that the issues are outside of ourselves.  All of our problems are out there.  If “he’ didn’t do that, I would feel fine.  If “she” didn’t say that, I wouldn’t have a problem.  What I am getting in touch with is that most if not all difficulties in life are connected with what is going on inside of me.

Just for today, I want to practice letting go of the baggage inside of myself that no longer serves me.  All of the past, the feelings, the beliefs, the fears.  The next time something outside of myself triggers those icky feelings, fears inside of me.  I will hold space for them.  I will let the thoughts, fears, emotions come up.  For when they come to the surface, they can be released.

Just for today I won’t be so afraid of what is inside and will pause and realize that what I have been fearing is just old feelings that no longer serve me.