Many of us were raised during an era of “children should be seen and not heard”.  Many of us have lost our voice and our courage to speak up, even for the little things.

We fear what people will think of us, so we don’t say anything.  As a result, it has become rare that someone speaks their ‘truth’ loud and clear.

The reality is that whether we speak up or not, people will still have thoughts, opinions or feelings about us, both positive and not so positive.   If we don’t tell them who we are, how can they ever have an accurate impression of who we really are?  We have nothing to lose by speaking our truth.

Speaking up has a big impact on our self esteem and self worth.  Even though it will be difficult at first, your inner child, your spirit will beam with empowerment every time you do.  Simple declarations of “I am” are very powerful for our self esteem.  When we listen to our inner guidance and come from a place of peace, anything we share will be powerful and healing.

Our speaking up also has a huge impact on our world as well.  It is hard to imagine that my little voice from my small corner of the world could make a difference.  Like threads in a tapestry, we all have a unique role to play.  I heard something yesterday that inspired me greatly.  It was said that each of us will know or have contact with about 1,000 people in our life time.  If in our day to day life we speak truth, ours or universal truths, these thousand people will hear it.  And if they share with the thousand people they will know, that is one million people that can be impacted by our simple decision to share.

It is important for our development and the healing of the wrongs in our world for us to speak up.  Start with little things.  Instead of the little white lies we tell others, tell them the truth.  Tell others  your preference or desire.  Whether it is our little truths, “I like the color blue” OR  “I prefer to drive myself”, everything counts.  Work up to the bigger truths about tolerance, forgiveness and hope.  Sharing truth or wisdom from your quiet corner of the world can change everything.  it is powerful to know that my quiet voice from within if shared with a few friends can be more powerful then all of the LIKES on social media.

Our FIFTH Chakra energy is about speaking and hearing our truth.  This lovely blend of essential oils may support you on this journey.