A-JUST Blend



h e a r t s c e n t




aches, pains + swelling



Essential oils can be very helpful when it comes to swelling due to injury, surgery or varicose veins. This delightful blend contains number of herbs and essential oils that reduce bruising and swelling.

  • CEDARWOOD: aids in reduction of fluids, It’s decongestant effect can support the health of the veins and lymph.
  • CYPRESS: is considered astringent, and useful for areas of excess fluid.
  • XANTHOXYLUM: This exotic oil is amazing when it comes to swelling, pain and injuries
  • LEMON: besides its wonderful uplifting aroma, it also helps the other oils penetrate the skin to be more helpful

This is the same essential oil blend as the A-JUST Oil, only it is carried in an organic aloe vera gel. This is will be less greasy than the oil. I prefer/recommend the oil as it tends to allow absorption of the essential oils slowly over time AND it is infused with the added benefits of Arnica, Comfrey and St. John’s Wort.

aloe vera gel*, essential oils*: cypress*, lemon*, juniper*, xanthoxylum* – *organic

2.0 oz | 60ml amber apothecary bottle with snap cap


Price: $28.00

The  OIL version is infused with Arnica Montana, Comfrey and St John’s Wort. Each of these herbs have been used for centuries as part of natural pain killing blend.

  • Arnica traditionally has been used as an external herbal medicine for bruises.
  • Comfrey contains allantoin, which encourages the rapid growth of cells. Most herbalists refer to comfrey as one of the most useful herbs for healing of all sorts.
  • And St John’s Wort can help provide comfort for nerve pain.

Together these herbs create an injury oil blend that is beneficial on its own. Adding essential oils that reduce swelling makes the blend prefect for the pain and stiffness due to injury or varicose veins.

arnica*, comfrey*, st johns wor*t infused castor* & grapeseed oil, essential oils*: cypress*, lemon*, juniper*, xanthoxylum* – * organic

1.0 ounce (28ml) oil in amber glass bottle with dropper

Price: $39.00

The oil version costs a little more due to the infusion of the oils with three healing herbs. It is well worth it.

FOR BEST RESULTS – Use at the first sign of discomfort.

GEL – SHAKE before each use. Flip up the cap and shake a few drops onto your palm. INHALE and apply to swollen veins or other affected area.  Repeat every two hours or as needed.

OIL – Place a dropper full of oil onto your palm. Apply to swollen veins or other affected area.  Repeat every two hours or as needed.  If using this item following surgery, do not apply directly to an incision until sutures have been removed.  Always discuss any concerns with your health care provide.

*For educational purposes only.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.