Oatmeal Bath Recipe

Oatmeal is a wonderful soothing agent for the skin.  What better way to soothe itchy, dry skin at any age, but with an organic OATMEAL BATH BAG for the tub.  Adding Lavender buds and calendula flowers also reduces inflammation and adds a wonderful calming aroma.

These bath bags can be used at the end of a long day or for any special concerns such as:


Sealable tea bag (minimum 5” by 3” available at food coops and craft stores

2-4 Tablespoons of organic rolled oats

1 tsp organic dried Lavender Buds

2 pinches of organic dried Calendula flowers

2 Tablespoons of Epsom salts (optional)


Add ingredients and optional Epsom salts to your sealable tea bag (a re-useable cloth bag may also be used).  Hold ends together and seal with warm iron as directed by tea bag manufacturer.

Tie a nice ribbon around a few bags and place into a tin for a beautiful homemade gift.

IF YOU PREFER TO BUY the Oatmeal Bath Bags ready-made.  Enjoy!


Drop one bag in your bath water and enjoy!  As the oats absorb water, they will release a wonderfully calming milky fluid into your bath.  It is also beneficial to gently rub the oatmeal bag over any area of your skin that is irritated.  After bathing, pat your skin dry and apply a moisturizer.  These are single use tea bags, just toss the bag into the garbage.


It is best to store your Oatmeal Bath Baths in an air tight container such as a glass jar with a cover, re-seal-able tin, or a zip lock bag.  This will help retain the therapeutic and aromatic oils.

IF YOU PREFER TO BUY the Oatmeal Bath Bags ready-made.  Enjoy!