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drug free pain relief


“re·lief – the removal or reduction of something that is painful or unpleasant, a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress.”

Formulated by a Chemist | Certified Aromatherapist to reduce stress, tension and headaches.   

Price: $19.00

An essential oil roller is a convenient way to use aromatherapy, it easily fits into your pocket or purse. RELIEF contains a number of essential oils that help relieve tension and pain:

  • peppermint – is the go to essential oil for headaches
  • lavender – offers pain relief and reduces tension
  • frankincense – is anti-inflammatory and reduces tension
  • bergamot – has anti-spasmodic and relaxation properties

When needed you can inhale the pleasing aroma of the essential oil blend and/or apply roller to temples, forehead, behind the ears and back of neck as needed for tension and pain.  Blend with fingertips for added relief. It is most effective to use when symptoms are first noticed.  Repeat as needed.

This simple blend in combination with MOTION and COMFORT may reduce symptoms for migraine sufferers when hormones are the trigger.  It is also a good combination for general pain relief; sore, tired achy muscles or feet.

jojoba*, essential oils*: lavender*, peppermint*, frankincense*, bergamot*non-gmo vitamin e – *organic (Please note: label does not include entire ingredient list as indicated here – using up some old labels 🙂

0.3 ounce | 10ml oil blend in a glass applicator with metal roller ball



“You ROCK!  Your package arrived today and I had such a headache!  I immediately used RELIEF and WOW!  Great Stuff!  Thank you so much.” – Marita J. 8/29/16

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