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The COMFORT Blend helps to calm and balance the ‘monthly roller coaster’ or some of the challenges during menopause.  It is a gentle all natural approach that you may find helpful.   A number of essential oils contained in this product have balancing effects on the female body. (Not intended for use during pregnancy.)

  • Clary sage contains sclareol which mimics the effects of natural estrogen.
  • Geranium is a strong regulator of the female hormonal system.
  • And lemon and bergamot help lift mood.

This blend is available in THREE forms for your convenience:

The COMFORT Wellness Roller is another convenient way to use aromatherapy, it easily fits into your pocket or purse.  IMG_3831 copyWhen needed you can inhale the pleasing aroma of the essential oil blend and apply roller to pulse points, temples and back of neck.  Repeat as needed.


jojoba*, vitamin e, essential oils*: clary sage*, peppermint*, geranium*, bergamot*, lemon* – * organic

0.3 ounce oil blend in a frosted glass applicator with roller ball  

Price: $19.00

This is a convenient way to carry aromatherapy in your purse or pocket.  An INHALER is a small, convenient, and easy to carry vial that can be used to inhale essential oils on the go.  It is like having a mini personal diffuser in your purse or pocket.  It can be used discreetly at any time to receive natural support for everyday concerns.

Unscrew cap. Place inhaler beneath nostril and inhale deeply. Repeat beneath second nostril. Return cap as soon as you are done inhaling. Repeat as needed throughout the day. We do not recommend sharing inhalers.

IMG_3812 copySTORAGE: Keep inhaler closed in-between uses. Also, don’t leave them in a hot environment

For more information on INHALERS


cotton swab saturated with essential oils*: clary sage*, peppermint*, geranium*, bergamot*, lemon* – * organic

One personal inhaler in an amber glass apothecary tube with a screw top  

Price: $16.00

Perhaps you would like to make your own items using this oil.  Here is the full strength organic essential oil blend ready to apply to your favorite recipes or lotions.

SUGGESTIONS (General Guidelines):

  • BATH: Add 5-6 drops into a teaspoon of honey, whole milk, carrier oil or other carrier (Epsom salts, baking soda) then add to bath once you are in the bath.
  • MASSAGE: 3-6 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier
  • MOST USES: 15-18 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier
  • SENSITIVE SKIN: 3 to 6 drops per ounce

INGREDIENTS:  lavender*, bergamot*, sweet orange*, grapefruit*, vetiver* – * organic

5 ml (approx 110 drops) organic 100% essential oil in amber glass apothecary bottle with orifice reducer  

Price: $23.00

Karri’s Kick Ass Comfort Gel contains a number of essential oils that relieve tension and provide comfort during normal hormone changes.  READ MORE

  • Lavender – has anti-inflammatory properties and is relaxing to body, mind and spiritimg_9787-copy
  • Ylang Ylang and Bergamot – have antidepressant and antispasmodic properties
  • Peppermint has analgesic properties
  • Rose is very balancing for women

INGREDIENTS: aloe vera gel*, chamomile*, bergamot*, lavender*, sweet marjoram*, rose*, ylang ylang*, peppermint* –  *organic

1.0 oz (30ml) GEL in white HDPE bottle w/snap cap

Price: $24.00


Using essential oil blends at the first sign of discomfort or to maintain wellness is the most effective use of this all natural option.

As with all natural products it is advised to store away from heat and direct sunlight to maintain quality.

As with any product if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Other products you may find helpful:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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