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Oil infusions are a lovely way to borrow the healing properties of various herbs and plants.  It is a simple process.  Just jump right in and give it a try.


dsc_0035-403-sq-3DRY PLANT MATERIAL – to remove the bulk of the moisture, place the plant material in a cool dry spot away from direct light for 2 or more days

CHOP DRY PLANTS – into smaller pieces

FILL GLASS JAR HALF FULL – with dried plants

FILL TO THE TOP – with a carrier oil.  I recommend OLIVE oil as it is readily available AND it has a nice long shelf life.


SET IN THE SUN – and let the plants warm up gently and infuse the oil.  Invert regularly to ensure that the plant material is not sitting on top of the oil.  Let infuse for 6 weeks.

STRAIN WITH CHEESECLOTH – and bottle into dry and sterilized amber bottles for storage. Store in a dark and cool place.  It should keep for about one year.

ENJOY – now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. infusion-sq

Here are a few different plants/herbs that you might try.  Which one looks good to you?

  • CALENDULA FLOWERS – wonderful for sensitive skin
  • COMFREY – strengthens and heals bones, tendons and ligaments
  • LAVENDER – is wonderful for skin irritations; bug bites, minor cuts and scrapes. Also very good for relaxation
  • ROSEMARY – good for aches and pains. Massage the infused oil into any sore muscles, or add 2 tsp to bathwater.